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Specific Business Requirements

Global Portfolio


This section will provide specific requirements for supplying products for the Global Portfolio. Products can be distributed to up to 80 countries and territories around the world. If your products are distributed only in Europe, please refer to the ‘European Portfolio’ section. If you are unsure which section to use, please contact your ESP Buyer.


1.) Technical Specifications & Artwork

Details Technical Specifications, Packaging requirements and Artwork process

  • Tech Specs & Artwork Process - (PDF)

2.) Quality Assurance (QA)

Overview of Quality Assurance and product inspections

3.) AMC Lotcode System

Details requirements on AMC Lotcode System

  • AMC Lotcode System - Global Portfolio - (PDF)

4.) Regulatory Approvals

Details required regulatory approvals

5.) Terms & Conditions of Trading

Prior to initial purchase order placement Access Business Group (ABG) requires its suppliers to sign our Terms and Conditions of Trading.

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Registered Suppliers may access analytical reporting and supplier dashboard metrics:
Supplier Analytics


Registered Suppliers my access Supplier Order Management Portal

Supplier Order Management Portal



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