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Business Requirements



This section provides Access Business Group (ABG) general procurement requirements for the European Office.  Please note that this Supplier Portal Europe is your central location for all ABG supplier requirements. We require compliance to all of the requirements and guidelines in the ABG Terms and Conditions of Trading and those found on this portal. It is your responsibility, as our supplier, to understand and adhere to these requirements.


European Strategic Procurement (ESP)

European Strategic Procurement (ESP) is the European Sourcing division of Access Business Group. ESP staff are located in offices within Europe and Russia and are responsible for the procurement of products and services. Products sourced by ESP have distribution in countries in Europe, as well as potential global listing in up to 80 countries around the world.


ESP procure products to support the Amway European and Amway Global business needs, using corporate practices and procedures and operates to specific INCOterms, payment terms and trading term agreements. For information on these, see ‘Shipping’ section on the left of this page.


Terms and Conditions of Trading

European Strategic Procurement (ESP) is responsible to ensure all suppliers and potential suppliers abide by the Access Business Group Terms and Conditions of Trading.

All documentation provided must be signed off and returned to the respective ESP Buyer before order placement can commence.


See section ‘Specific Business Requirements’ for further details on the applicable Terms and Conditions documentation which needs to be signed and completed.


In addition to the signed ABG Terms and Conditions of Trading, all Purchase Orders will include terms applicable to these agreements. In any areas of conflict the signed ABG Terms and Conditions will prevail. For further information on the Purchase Order agreement please speak directly to your ESP Buyer.


Purchase Orders

The purchase order is the official document for the procurement of goods and services, forming part of the agreement between supplier and ABG.

Purchase orders are sent to the supply base expecting the suppliers to review and acknowledge the acceptance of the purchase.


Confidentiality Agreement

For information considered confidential such as product specifications and formulas, ABG will require a signed Confidential Disclosure Agreement, to maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality.



Use of Alticor/ABG/Amway or any of AMWAY™ brand names is prohibited without prior written approval. Please contact your Procurement contact with any queries.


Suppliers' Workplace Code of Conduct

Please read the attached document detailing Access Business Group's global stance on workplace code of conduct.  Please inform any deviation to this document to your Procurement contact.


Gifts and Gratuities

The Strategic procurement Buying staff should not accept gifts, gratuities or favors from any supplier, broker, agent or others in the buyer/supplier relationship.

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