Supplier Performance Metrics


The goal of our Supply Management Program is to deliver continuous improvement throughout the supply chain. By aligning our business goals with sourcing strategies, evaluating and applying specific segmentation modeling across our suppliers, focus on developing key relationships and optimizing overall operational performance; we look to drive business excellence throughout the enterprise.

All suppliers are expected to participate in the Supply Management Program through active efforts in reducing the total cost of ownership while optimizing supply chain effectiveness.

Through use of Supplier Analytics and Supplier Segmentation, we look to drive continuous improvement through the Supply Management program.

Supplier Analytics

By signing on to Supplier Analytics, supplies have secured access to the following information:

  • Open Orders
  • Forecasts
  • Ites & Account Information
  • Performance Evaluations
    • On-Time Metrics
    • Fill Rate
    • Invoice Accuracy
    • Right First Time (RFT) Quality Metric

We hold suppliers accountable to maintain or exceed performance requirements that have significant impact on our supply chain operations. We work with our suppliers to identify opportunities for improved efficiency and are focused on partnering with those who are aligned with our business goals. We believe that measuring and reporting performance will help drive continuous improvement throughout the entire supply chain. Active participation by suppliers in this process is expected.

Supplier Analytics is password protected and requires registration through your procurement contact. Information shared through Supplier Analytics is treated as confidential and suppliers can only view their own transactional information.