Amway and Access Business Group are committed to partnering with our supply base to insure that purchase orders and invoice transactions are completed quickly and in a secure environment. Electronic Business to Business (B2B) is one of the fastest growing areas in the marketplace today and as a result, we are requiring our suppliers to utilize the Supplier Order Management Portal or become EDI compliant.

Electronic Data Integration (EDI):

EDI is simply a computer-to-computer exchange of documents, i.e. purchase orders, with minimal or no manual key entry. Without the need for manually inputting data it significantly reduces key entry errors which in turn will streamline the order processing procedure as well as other business processes will become more efficient. EDI can be implemented internally, or there are several third-party EDI solution providers available to assist you. To learn the basics of EDI, please access the EDI Basics Help Guide. For questions regarding EDI, please visit the EDI B2B Questionnaire. The EDI Implementation Guide can help your business get started using EDI.

Amway’s Supplier Order Management Portal (SOMP):

The other eBusiness solution is the Supplier Order Management Portal (SOMP). This new application provides a tremendous increase in functionality that our suppliers will find very beneficial. There is no cost to the supplier to utilize the Supplier Order Management Portal. The Procure to Pay process is managed completely via the Portal (order issuance through order payment), this will put the PO management completely in the supplier’s hands. The Supplier Order Management Portal: User Guide can help answer questions you may have regarding Amway’s SOMP.

eBusiness Process:

When a purchase order is created it will be transmitted via EDI or sent to Amway’s secure Supplier Order Management Portal. Those suppliers using the portal will receive an email notification that there are items (orders, invoices, etc.) that need action taken. Suppliers utilizing their own EDI solution will be notified accordingly. Once the order(s) has been received they will need to be acknowledged. If there are any changes to an order, a PO Change document will be issued and sent, this will also need to be acknowledged. After the order has shipped an invoice can be created and sent automatically to our AP department to be processed.

Amway and Access Business Group looks forward to working with you towards the common goal of improving the ordering process by taking advantage of EDI or the Supplier Order Management Portal. If you should have any questions the Integration Center is your first point of contact and we will be able to assist you.

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