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Payment Inquiry

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Invoice/ Payment Inquiry
Invoice Status Reference

Invoice/ Payment Inquiry:

In the Payment Inquiry, the user has the ability to check invoice status.

From the home screen select Payment Inquiry under My Daily Tasks.

OR navigate to Payments from the Top Link bar and select Invoice Status.

All pending and paid invoices will be listed on the Payment Inquiry. User can search for invoices by a specific invoice number or an invoice date range and selecting Find Payments.

User can view the status of the individual invoices on the far right side of the screen and other information pertaining to the invoice.

* Any blue column heading is sortable by ascending or descending order.

To view more details regarding the invoice, select the payment number link.

In the Payment Details, all information regarding the payments on this invoice will be displayed

The payment method can vary from ACH, Wire Transfer, or Check.

The Payment Amount is the total of all payments displayed.

Invoice Status Reference

New Invoice Received
In Process AP Reviewing
In Approval Waiting for Amway Contact Approval
Receipt Product Receiving Review
Price Issue Price/Additional Charge Review
QA Issue In QA Inspection
Pending Payment Approved Invoice, Future Payment Date
Paid Payment Issued
Contact AP No Invoice Detail Available


Please contact AP Support @ email: P2P.Support.US@amway.com with questions on an invoice