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Item Price Update: Pricing Inquiry

Amway’s Item Price Update Tool is a new feature that allows our Supply Base to request pricing changes to Amway/ABG’s system. This tool will provide you the ability to view current pricing that we have on file and propose new pricing as it occurs. The tool has routing functions for approvals and will automatically update our system upon full approval which will alleviate the manual processes and errors that can occur with any manual price updates.

Please note that this tool does not replace the Supplier Order Management Portal or EDI for Purchase Order(PO) unit cost updates, but using this tool to submit item price updates will reduce the amount of POs having incorrect prices.

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Pricing Inquiry
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Pricing Inquiry

View current effective pricing for active items Amway purchases from your company. Select pricing Inquiry to select items to create & submit a Price Change Request.

Pricing Inquiry – Viewing Current, Active item prices

1. Go to Master Supplier Data, using the drop down, select the Pricing Inquire option.

2. The pricing inquire screen will display all items Amway has recently purchased from your company with current prices and other relevant information.

  • Supplier #, Amway Item #, Supplier Item # (Cross Reference), Unit of measure, Buyer, Quantity Break, Unit Price, Currency and if applicable, Buying Group #.
  • If any of this data is incorrect, please contact your buyer.
  • If any items are not displaying but need to be included in the request, contact the Integration Center.
  • Items with multiple quantity breaks will display as individual line items.

NOTE: If you have previously submitted a request for a new price that is effective in the future, only the current effective price will display.

You can search by keywords (case sensitive).

Adding items to a request – 2 options:

Option A – Can request price changes via Excel download & upload file.

Option B- Or you can manually select all/individually select items to add to the price request.

Option A- Adding items via an Excel spreadsheet upload:

1. To Request Price changes via Excel. You must first download the template of the pricing inquiry list of items to excel. The file will be downloaded as a comma delimited (csv) file.

You may first search by keyword if needed to display certain items. The download button will only download the items currently displayed.

2. Update your requested prices to the New Price column (Column J).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important that you do not change/delete any of the other columns in the spreadsheet. Please only update the New Price column J.

You may remove rows for items you wish to not update.

If your spreadsheet includes costs with decimals, please ensure at least one decimal value appears within the top 25 lines for the OriginalPrice and NewPrice column if decimal data exists.

Failure to do so will result in decimals being removed from these columns.

3. You may add additional quantity tiers to an existing item by doing the following:​

  • Insert a new blank row.

  • Copy existing row data for the item you wish to add a new tier level for & paste the data into the new row.

  • Change the Column G QuantityBreakAction to “New”, change the QTY to a new qty tier.

  • Original & new price should match/equal for this new qty tier.

You MUST NOT enter commas in your quantity. (Incorrect= 1,000; Correct=1000)

DO NOT CHANGE any of the columns or other data. IF any other data/columns is modified in any way, the file will not upload properly.

4. Save the updated file to your computer, Please DO NOT change the file type. This must stay as a comma delimited (.csv)file.

You may be prompted with the below warning message to let you know that some features may be lost if you save it as a CSV file. Select YES to keep using the CSV format.

5. Go back to the Pricing Inquire page & select Browse/Choose File button

6. Browse and find the file you previously updated & saved. Select the file & select Open.

7. Then, select Upload

The page may take some time to upload depending on how many items are included.

Any/All items that you changed in the file will be automatically added to a “Request”.

Proceed to Review & Submit request help section.

Option B – How to add items to a request manually

Click here to view a tutorial on Adding Items to a Request

1. Individually check the box next to each item(s) you would like to request a price change for. Or utilize the Select all option to select all items that are displayed.

NOTE: If an item has tiered pricing and/or is part of a buying group, you only need to select one line and all the subsequent item/quantity breaks will also be added.

If you have selected an item that is part of a buying group, all items within the buying group will appear in your request. Make sure to enter the current price for any items that you are NOT changing the price on , otherwise if left blank it will cause issues with the approval process.

2. Scroll down and select the “ADD TO REQUEST” button. Once you select this button, the page will refresh and any item(s) selected will disappear from the pricing inquiry screen. These selected items are now added to a new request. You may select the NEXT button at this point to view the request for submission.

3. OR Add additional items to the request. If ther are more than 100 items, you will have to select the next page of items to add the additional items to the request.

4. Once all the desired items you wish to propose a change for are added, select the button ” NEXT”. This will direct you to the next screen to review your request for submission.

1. A request number will be automatically generated (upper left hand corner).

2. Your username will appear as the requested by with today’s date as the Created date.

3. Enter an Effective From (START) date (required) by using the calendar icon or manually entering the date using the format of mm/dd/yyyy for US Suppliers. To view dates in the International European (dd/mm/yyyy) format, view the HELP instructions under Getting Started>Profile.

This is the date that the new prices you are proposing would go into effect.

Please provide if possible at least 30 days’ notice from the Effective To date to allow price changes to be processed in a timely manner.

4. Select the SAVE CHANGES button to save your request before continuing on to save your progress. If needed, you may go back and add more items by selecting the link, “Add More Items”.

5. If you need to delete items off the request you can do so by selecting the Delete button next to each line item. This means that you do not wish to propose a change to these items.

NOTE: If an item has tiered pricing or is in a buying group, deleting one row will delete all subsequent lines for that item. You will receive a warning pop up when selecting delete to make sure you want to delete all lines.

6. You can manually enter the new prices for each line item.

OR you can enter a percentage increase or decrease and mass update any selected items. Percentage needs to be entered as a whole number, for example 1.25% would be entered as 1.25.

Click the SELECT ALL button to update all lines or individually select lines. Enter a percentage increase or decrease then click the UPDATE SELECTED button to apply the percentage increase/decrease to all selected lines.

You will see the new prices displayed for all selected lines.

7. You can request additional quantity price breaks by selecting the “ADD QTY/ PRICE BREAK” link.

Enter the new quantity break with the new unit cost and select ADD.

You will see this new quantity break added as a line item.

8. Add attachment(s) your buying team requires to further justify your proposed price changes.

Select Add attachment link, you may receive the below pop-up. If you haven’t yet saved your request, select cancel and then select SAVE CHANGES. Otherwise any work will be lost once you add an attachment.

If your request is saved, continue by selecing OK then browse and add your file. Each attachment has to be added separately.

9. In the next screen, select CHOOSE FILE to browse and select the file from your computer to upload. After you’ve selected which file you wish to upload. Select OPEN.

10. Then enter a title (required) for the file.

A description of the file is optional. Select SAVE to continue.

The Attachment will now display as a link under the Attachment section. You may delete attachments if needed after adding any.

11. Enter a brief justification comment which is required.

Provide as much information as possible via the justification comment box and adding attachments, which will help your Amway buying team to review your request.

12. Select Save & Submit button to submit your request.

The below pop up box will display. You will receive a confirmation email once your request is submitted with all the detail that is displayed on the screen for your own records.

13. Check your email for a confirmation email that your request has been submitted for review.

You can also access & view previously submitted requests by selecting the My Price Request link under Master Supplier Data.

Saving your Request as a DRAFT

1. You may save your changes at any point and your request will be saved in Draft status until you are ready to complete and submit the request.

2. To view previously submitted or saved drafts, hover your mouse over Master Supplier Data and select My Price Requests.

Viewing the Status of your Request

1. Log into the Supplier Order Management Portal at any time to view the status of your request. Hover your mouse over Master Supplier Data and select My Price Requests

2. Search for a request using any of the search fields: Request #, Status, Created Date, and then click Filter.

1. Log into the Supplier Order Management Portal at any time to view the status of your request. Hover your mouse over Master Supplier Data and select My Price Requests

2. Search for a request using any of the search fields: Request #, Status, Created Date, and then click Filter.

Status Definitions:

Saved: Draft status, not yet submitted for review

Submitted: Request has been submitted to Amway Buying team and is in process of being reviewed for approval.

Approved: Request has been approved and new prices will be updated into Amway’s system.

Denied: Request has been denied by the buying team, you may revise and resubmit this request.

Approved Requests

You will receive an email from strategic.procurement@amway.com if your request has been approved. All items within the request will be updated in Amway’s system with the new unit price.

You may view the approved request by logging in to SOMP, Selecting My Requests under Master Supplier Data or selecting the Click to View Request link from your approved request notification email.

Denied Requests:

You will receive an email from strategic.procurement@amway.comif your submitted request has been denied. The denied email notification should include a comment from your buying team with the reasoning for the denial.

Select Click to View and Review request link to open and revise the request.

Select the OPEN FOR REVISION button to generate a new Request with previously submitted data. You can revise items, prices, etc as needed.

Follow the same steps for submitting a request to re-submit this new request for processing. **You will need to re-attach any documents previously attached with the original request. These attachments cannot carry over to the newly revised request.

Clarification Requested

If the Buying Team requires more information or clarification to review and process your request. They will put the request in Need Clarification status. This will generate an email to you.

Any comments from the buying team will display in the email above the link “Click to provide clarification”.

Select the link, “Click to provide Clarification”.

The request will open up. You may add attachments for further clarification and/or add additional comments.

Please be sure to submit any attachments first (if needed).

Once your attachments and comments are added, select the button “Resubmit with Clarification”.

This will trigger an email back to the Amway buying team.