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Create Shipment Request (TL/LTL)
Shipment Notification (parcel shipments <150 lbs)

**If you have questions/issues regarding an Amway International Collect (FOB/FCA) shipment managed via Expeditors, please contact your local Expeditors office. The Integration Center does not support the Expeditors Booking tool.

Transportation (for Domestic US Collect freight term supplier PO’s only):

On the Home page either select a link in My Daily Tasks or choose the Transportation link in the navigation bar. The links will allow you to create either a Shipment Request (TL/LTL) or Shipment Notification (parcel shipments <150 lbs). If you’re a supplier that uses Expeditors International’s Order Management Bookings portal, there are links in the Transportation drop down and Transportation Requirements section.

Important Note:If you cannot make the whole shipment on the same day or have shipments coming from/to multiple locations (collect freight terms only), you’ll need to split the line into a new line.

Once the new line is added, you should then go back and make any other necessary changes (date, ship from, add comments, etc).via the PO Acknowledgement or Revise screen.

  • Only one shipment against a PO line is allowed. If multiple shipments need to be made, the PO line must be split to add a new line(s) with the new quantity and date. If during A pick up request or actual shipping, the full acknowledged quantity will not be sent, Split lines must be executed, for these PO lines.
  • If your company manages Amway/ABG’s POs via this Supplier Order Managmenet Portal (SOMP), navigate back to the PO inquiry screen and select the Revise a PO action screen to split the quantity.​ Jump to ​​the help section on Splitting Quantity on a PO line. ​*You may need to contact your company’s CSR to perform this action.
  • ​If your company manages Amway/ABG’s POs via EDI, please contact your CSR to perform this action via an EDI PO revision.

Create Shipment Request (TL/LTL)

Click here to view a tutorial on creating a shipment request​

*Please Note: Not ALL suppliers will need to create a Shipment Request in the Supplier Portal. Your Supplier notification email will prompt you to create Shipment Requests when/if applicable.

To submit a shipping request to Amway North America to arrange a carrier pickup, choose either the Truckload or Less-Than-Truckload link. When the request is completed, an electronic request will be sent to our Transportation Management System.
Phone calls to our vendor routing line will no longer be required unless a manual change is needed.

SHIPPING SOURCE. Click the lookup icon to select the address book number for the physical ship from location. If you know the address book number, you can input it directly in the field. Before clicking Next to go to the Add POs step, verify the ship from address is accurate. Users will be prompted to confirm as this information is critical and needs to be accurate–Carriers will be routed to this location. Once verified, click Next to proceed.

If the address does not exist or if it is not related to the parent vendor number, the order will need to be revised with the new ship from location. New locations need to be requested via the Supplier PO Pick up Location Change Request Form during Order Acknowledgment. You cannot proceed until this is corrected. Contact your Customer Service Representative for assistance.

ADD PO’s. Purchase orders that have been acknowledged and are “Awaiting Shipment” will be displayed by Ship Available Date. Orders are filtered by ship from location, freight terms (collect), and status. If there are pages of orders, users can enter a specific PO number and select Find. If the order does not appear, inquire/view the order via the PO’s link in the navigation bar and confirm PO’s status is in “Awaiting Shipment”.

​Select the order(s) and ADD TO REQUEST. A shipment can contain one or multiple orders, but it should not exceed a truckload size. If there is a unique Reference/Pickup # needed per each order line, this must be entered prior to adding. If nothing is entered in this field, the system will default to the order number and type, i.e., 1001516OP. This reference number is provided to the carrier and assists with identifying the freight.

If an order is added to a request by mistake, select the trash can symbol to remove it. Verify the information and then click Next to proceed.

The following information will be validated to ensure the request is feasible. Either a hard or soft warning will be provided:

  • The Ship From must be the same. Click on the number to view the complete address information. Hard error.
  • The Ship To postal codes must be the same. This is a hard error that will prevent you from continuing. Click on the number to view the complete address information.
  • The Ship Available Date cannot be past due. The date(s) will need to be revised, via a PO revision prior to continuing.
  • The Ship Available Date must be within a 7-day shipping window.

NOTE: Multiple orders shipping within the same week and destined for the same location should be consolidated and shipped on one Bill of Lading. The shipment should be coordinated to ensure all orders are available for pickup by the earliest ship available date listed on the purchase orders.

SHIPMENT DETAILS. Complete the shipment details (see below). The Name of the requestor is required. The contact number and email will default in from the user profile but can be overwritten if needed. Only one email is allowed. Most fields are required and need user action:

  • A request number is generated for each entry. The form is also date/time stamped for historical purposes.
  • The request number also ensures that all orders/lines selected will be shipped on the same truck.
  • There is no limit to the number of PO’s added to a request.
  • Use the calendar icon to lookup the Freight Ready Date for the shipment.
  • Select the Freight Ready Time to the nearest half hour. Enter based on your time zone.

Please provide enough lead time to allow standard transit times.
Transportation requires at least 24 hours advance notice to arrange the pickup.

  • If provided an Expedite authorization number, select the check box and enter the 6-digit authorization number.
  • In the comments, you can enter a short note to pass along additional information to our Transportation Department.
  • Enter the gross weight of the shipment in pounds.
  • Enter the number of pallets. If the shipment is floor loaded or hand-stacked, enter ‘0’.
  • The total pieces will default to ‘0’. Enter the number of cartons, drums, etc., if necessary. Any value up to 999,999 can be entered.
  • If Single or Double stackability is selected, the Cube will auto-populate. All other selections will require the Cube to be manually entered. This value should be in cubic feet. A lookup chart is availabe to help estimate the cube of the shipment. If floor load is selected for stackability (0 pallets) then total cube should = 3380 if full truckload.
  • Special handling while in transit–select the appropriate radio buttons. If any of the selections are ‘Y’, additional information will be required.
    – If a Reefer (refrigerated truck) is needed for the shipment, please provide the preferred temperature setting while in transit.
    – If ‘Y’ is selected for any of the hazardous items, a UN or NA ID will be required as well as the packaging group. This information is shared with the carrier to advise the level of danger of the shipment.
  • For validation purposes, the Ship From and Ship To locations are provided as well as a list of the purchase order(s) that are included in this request.

Data integrity is critical. Please verify all information prior to submitting.

If necessary, you can cancel the entire request.

When the request is submitted, a confirmation report is presented. You can Print a copy for your records or Close this window. The Shipping Window is the range of time when you said the shipment is ready for pickup and when it is due to Access Business Group. Depending on the transit time required and carrier capacity, the shipment could get scheduled any time within that window. Please allow Transportation 24 hrs to route and assign the carrier and trip number. A copy of this document may be provided to the carrier, but it is NOT a legal document to be used as a Bill of Lading.

Close or select the Transportation link in the navigation bar, the Shipment Requests History screen is displayed. All requests that have been submitted will appear in descending order. At any time, you can select ‘View Request’ to see the details and Print the shipping information.

Initially, the request status will be “Submitted”—no carrier or trip number information is available. After Transportation tenders the shipment and receives an acceptance from the carrier, the status will change to “Planned” and a carrier and trip number will be provided. An email alert containing the same report above will be sent to the user who submitted the request. The only difference is the carrier and trip number information will be populated.

This is the supplier’s pickup confirmation from Access Business Group. Transportation will no longer send a fax confirmation. It will be the supplier’s responsibility to print either the email or log into the portal and print a copy of the shipment request.

Once a PO(s) are “Planned” for pickup, the PO’s can be now invoiced against in the Portal. Navigate to the PO tab in the top link bar, then select the create invoice radio button.

To find a specific entry, the Search can be used to find a particular request number, requests from a certain ship from location, or the request that has a specific purchase order number. The Search capabilities are limited.

Shipment Notification (parcel shipments <150 lbs)

For shipments weighing less than 150 lbs, they should be shipped via a parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.), select the Shipment Notification (<150 lbs) link. All purchase orders available to ship will be listed. Enter the PO Number, Type, Line, Quantity and a reference number if needed. Click Add. Each line needs to be input/added separately. To remove a line, click the Trash icon.

  • The Ship Available Date is validated. If the date is past due the order cannot be selected and a revision will be required.
  • If you are shipping a partial quantity, the line should be split (prior to submitting the notification) to reflect the accurate quantity being shipped. A soft warning will appear to indicate the quantity is above/below the tolerance, but it will not prevent you from selecting the order/line.
  • A purchase order line can only be shipped once. The status will advance, and the line will be closed over/short if the quantities do not match.
  • Once all information is verified, click Confirm Request.
  • Amway/Access Business Group prefers you utilize FedEx Ground Collect to route these shipments. A link to their website is provided. View the Domestic Collect Shipping Guidelines for more information.
  • Suppliers need to ship on their own account, however, FedEx will invoice Access Business Group directly for the freight charges.


A request number is also generated for these notifications for tracking purposes. These transactions will be listed in the Shipment Request history but there will be limited information provided since our Logistics Department does not manage these shipments.

These PO’s can now be invoiced against, navigate to the PO tab in the top link bar and then select the create invoice radio button.